Sketch 63 – Vector drawing application

Sketch 63 – Vector drawing application

Sketch is an innovative and fresh look at vector drawing for the Mac. Its intentionally minimalist design is based upon a drawing space of unlimited size and layers, free of palettes, panels, menus, windows, and controls. Though simple to use, it offers powerful vector drawing and text tools like perfect Boolean operations, Symbols, and powerful Rulers, Guides, and Grids.



Version 63:


  • Faster Cloud uploads: With this release, uploading documents to Cloud should become a lot faster and feel a lot smoother. We’re doing all the hard work on our servers instead of on your Mac now, so if you’ve ever had your fans spin up during an upload, this should put a stop to that too.


  • Be honest, how many times have you searched for, “Facebook cover image size 2020” already this year? To save you some time, this release includes social media Artboard presets for a whole range of platforms.
  • Instead of only being able to click on the disclosure arrows to open and close Library tabs in the Components popover, you can now click on the whole Library name.
  • Layers and Components with truncated names will now show you a tooltip with their full name when you hover over them in the Layer List and Components Panel/Popover.
  • When you select Other… from the Location menu when you save a document, we now show you the standard macOS save panel, making it easier to do things like picking an existing file to overwrite.
  • You can now press Cmd + R in the dialog that appears to overwrite an existing document, which performs the same action as clicking on the Replace button.


  • A bug where right-clicking in the Recents view of the Documents window would not show the option to clear the view.
  • A bug where closing an unsaved document’s window and saving it to Cloud would unexpectedly create a local copy of that document as well.
  • A bug that could cause the Workspace field in the save dialog to appear blank in some cases.
  • A bug that meant the text color popover wouldn’t always scroll properly.
  • A bug that could cause Components imported from Libraries to reappear after you removed them.
  • A bug which could cause document drafts you deleted to stick around in the Documents window for longer than we’d like (and drafts you’d saved to not show up straight away).
  • An issue where the Inspector could overflow and get stuck within the window, leaving parts of it hidden and difficult to access.
  • A bug where the X and Y values of two lines would stay the same and not update in the Inspector.
  • A bug where detaching a Symbol would also remove any Prototyping links you had connected to it.
  • A bug where Symbol instances with Smart Layout settings wouldn’t always resize as expected when you applied certain Text Style overrides.
  • A bug where SVGs wouldn’t import as expected if you dragged them directly from a web browser onto the Canvas.
  • A regression in Vector Editor mode where selecting points and Shift-dragging over others would not add to your selection. This fix also makes selection behaviour more consistent in general.
  • A bug where Command-clicking to insert a new point after a curved path would insert a new curved point instead of a straight one.
  • A bug that would cause popovers to close if you clicked on the title bar in any Sketch window.
  • A bug where documents in Cloud wouldn’t show Artboards at their correct size if you had uploaded a design with a scaled Artboard.
  • A bug in sketchtool where the detach command would fail if the document included a missing Symbol.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.13.4 or later

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